The 43.6 degrees did not reach, but yesterday’s mark was the second highest in local history

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In a country like ours, where soccer is the passion of crowds, many phrases that emerged from that sport become sentences. From the unforgettable “The ball is not stained” by Diego Maradona, through the “step by step” of Mostaza Merlo. But without a doubt there is a look at this sport-competition that has marked the little merit of being, for example, runner-up in the world. We refer to the concept tested by Carlos Salvador Bilardo, the 1986 world champion coach, who maintains that the only thing that matters is to be a champion, the first. The idea that “nobody remembers the second” is part of an unjust imposed folklore.

Yesterday’s session, for example, was barely three tenths short of it to become the hottest in the history of the city. She was second, but it is debatable that those who showed her body to the streets of Bahia yesterday forget the bonfire that was the city and the sensations of a unique day.

The National Meteorological Service established yesterday’s maximum at 43.6º C, falling behind the 43.8º C registered on January 20, 1980, a mark that leads the ranking of the highest local temperatures.

It also equals the mark of January 20, 1934 and moves from third place to that registered on January 28, 1957, with 42.5º C.

Yesterday will be etched in the minds of those who walked the city. The hot air seemed to come out of a furnace door while the wind was in charge of taking the thermal sensation above 45º C. Any comment on what people did to face the heat was blurred by the collapse of the water services and electricity. A two- to three-day run of high temperatures was enough to devastate the borrowers’ facilities.

The wind also did not let the heat steal its prominence and blew incessantly and forcefully, to the point that the municipality decided to close all parks and some streets where the presence of old trees makes them risky for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. . You will not be able to get a badge mentioning that it was the hottest day in history. It was the second, which nobody remembers, according to football philosophy, which nobody is going to forget either, according to the sensations marked in each witness of the torrid and muggy day.

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Past heats

“Starting at noon, walking through the streets of the city became a true odyssey in the midst of a relentless climate and the air turned into a bonfire. Everything turned into a desert at 3:20 pm ”. The New Province, January 21, 1980

“Yesterday’s temperature was really tropical and suffocating, unusual in our city. Few times, very few, the thermometer registered this temperature in the shade. It has been a muggy day, more tiring and exhausting, if possible, because of the north wind that blew with extreme violence all afternoon. In the streets the air was simply unbreathable and the few pedestrians eagerly sought the path of the shade. A long time ago you hadn’t had a day like yesterday. That it is not repeated is our vote ”. The New Province, January 20, 1934

“Everything could have been very pleasant yesterday, Christmas Eve with your wishes of happiness. But between laziness and omens came the mercury. Relentless he went up and up until he knocked down all the marks of all the Bahia Decembers. At 4:10 p.m. the thermometer rose to 42.2 degrees. No one on the street, no vehicles, the whole street so that the sun can tube its heat. As if a four-way bonfire was closing in on us. At night, things seemed different. And the city was not an immense loneliness. The courtyards, the streets, the squares, the parks had the company of those who were beginning to appear after the weight of an overwhelming day ”. The New Province, December 26, 1971

Avenida Alem, January 1980, the hottest day in local history

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