The 10 best-selling cars in the US during 2021

Restrictions on trade during the COVID-19 pandemic made 2021 a year like no other for U.S. auto sales, which for more than a century have been an in-person, highly personal activity for the public.

To further complicate the situation, the lack of semiconductors created a stark shortage of popular models that severely affected new vehicle sales for some manufacturers. In fact, the shortage of chips has been pointed out as one of the factors that influenced the rise of Toyota -which knew how to anticipate the crisis and stocked up on semiconductors- to the first place in vehicle sales in the US, dethroning General Motors , which had occupied this place uninterruptedly since 1931.

Even so, the preferences of the public did not show great surprises, so the best-selling models in the United States continued to be the great favorites of recent years. The group is made up of three large pickups in the first three places, two sedans and five crossover trucks, a situation that reaffirms the preference of the American public for this type of vehicle.

These were, in ascending order, the 10 best-selling cars in the United States during 2021.

10. Honda Civic

With 263,787 units sold, Honda’s popular compact posted a 1 percent sales increase, especially in the second half of the year after the all-new 2022 model arrived in dealerships. Despite this, the Civic fell two rungs down the list.

9. Toyota Highlander

Toyota’s midsize crossover placed 264,128 units in homes across the United States, representing a significant 24 percent increase in sales. This allowed him to move up five places in the 2021 ranking, so he entered the ‘Top10’ in ninth place.

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee

A total of 264,444 buyers were seduced by the appeal of Jeep’s midsize SUV in 2021, representing a 26 percent increase in sales and a rise of seven places. The new 2022 model, which began sales in the last quarter of 2021, was well received by both the public and critics.

7. Nissan Rogue

Nissan’s popular compact crossover placed 285,602 units in the United States during 2021, representing a 25 percent increase in sales. The arrival of an all-new — and much improved — model at the end of 2020 caused it to drop from 12th to 7th place among the best-selling models in the country.

6. Toyota Camry

The Camry, along with the Honda Civic, were the only sedans to make the list, but neither made the top five best-selling cars in America. Even so, Toyota’s popular family sedan experienced a 7 percent increase in sales, with 313,795 units spread across the country during 2021.

5. Honda CR-V

Despite having been on the market in its current form for just over five years, Honda’s compact crossover is enjoying healthy sales which, with 361,271 units sold in 2021, saw it post a 9 percent sales increase. . He kept the same fifth place he achieved in 2020.

4. Toyota RAV-4

With 407,739 units sold during 2021, Toyota’s compact crossover posted a 4 percent decline in sales compared to 2020. Either way, it retained the same fourth place it achieved in 2020 and held the title of best-selling crossover in 2020. U.S.

3.Chevrolet Silverado

With 519,774 units sold, Chevrolet’s full-size pickup lost its perennial second place in sales with a drop from 2020 of 11.4 percent, caused in large part by chip shortages, but also by the growing popularity of the second-place vehicle. place.

2. Pickup Ram

Stellantis’ celebrated and admired full-size pickup, which began its career as the Dodge Ram only to see its name become a make and model, had a 2021 sales increase of 1 percent. Even so, he managed to snatch his traditional second place from the Chevrolet Silverado.

1. Ford Serie-F

Despite a 9 percent sales decline caused by a semiconductor shortage, the Ford F-Series captured the number one spot in U.S. sales and also retained the crown as the nation’s best-selling vehicle, which has achieved for 40 consecutive years. The F-Series has also been the best-selling pickup in the world for 45 consecutive years. Despite the chip shortage, Ford managed to sell 726,004 F-Series units.

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