That’s how beautiful Chayanne looked at 26

Isadora Figueroa makes his way into the world of fashion and singing. The interpreter of “Provocame” is the protagonist of that story. His dad is a singer. His mom, a former model and lawyer. The beautiful Latina made a mix, discarded the laws and stayed with modeling and singing. With an entire incipient career ahead of her, the Puerto Rican’s daughter shares moments of her life and also her family’s intimacies on Instagram.

Want to meet Chayanne It is an activity that should be on the wish list of half of the women, and why not of some men. At 53 years old, Elmer Figueroa Arce has shown that you can have a perfect abdomen and enviable energy. In the dance he shows it daily.

Lorenzo Figueroa, Isa’s brother and son of the singer also shares his photos of training, sports and friends on Instagram. You can literally wash clothes on your abdomen and your physical resemblance to the singer is impressive. Without a doubt Lorenzo does not need to publish a “before and after”.

On her Instagram account, the daughter of the handsome composer of “waltz time”, one of the most used songs in the whole holiday, describes that she likes to write songs and eat ice cream. Also, share very homely photos. On this occasion, what caught the attention of the fans was the snapshot that uploaded their stories. With her curls loose, she could be seen looking at the camera and behind her a photo of the idol.

Source: Instagram Isadora Figueroa

The story that he uploaded from a photo that hung on a wall, which has a simple “Papi 1994” text in the frame, surprised his followers and immediately those of his father. In it we see a Chayanne 26 years old, wearing a beret and wearing a white shirt with a bow and a suit. “We don’t look alike do we?” the young singer said ironically. And of course, her children are a perfect mix of her two beautiful parents.

Source: Instagram Isadora Figueroa


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