Thanos’ story may well be the focus of future movies

Even after getting derailed by all the superheroes in Marvel Studios, Thanos could return to the MCU following the introduction of a new character.

After ten years of teasing his arrival, the purple giant made his sensational debut in Avengers : Infinity War and its sequel Avengers : Infinity War, box office successes that overshadow this mixed year 2021 for Marvel. And if the arrival of Thanos (Josh Brolin) was a big hit in the MCU, his departure leaves a void just as imposing as its shoulder width.

The new Phase launched by Marvel still does not show who will be the new villain of his universe, even if everything suggests that it will be Kang (Jonathan Majors) introduced in Loki. Yet fire Thanos could return after his brother Eros / Starfox (Harry Styles) is introduced in the post-credits scene of The Eternals.

Chloe Zhao’s film did not win over audiences and critics as Marvel hoped despite the proposal to introduce ten completely new superheroes unrelated to other Marvel label films. Even if The Eternals bring a few new things to the MCU, it is no exception to the rule of post-credits scenes. Several characters were thus presented to us as Dane Whitman alias Black Knight in the guise of Kit Harrington.

In the other scene, Thena, Makkari and Druig meet Eros. Quite discreet during the galactic and temporal mess caused by his brother Thanos, Matthew “Kaz” Firpo and Ryan Firpo, the writers of Eternals hope to be able to dig that soon.

The spitting image of his brother

Landing like a flower, Eros / Starfox will nevertheless have to be held accountable according to Matthew “Kaz” Firpo and Ryan Firpo during an interview with Screenrant:

Matthew Firpo : We were actually mightily familiar with the crazy story of Thanos’ origins which I’m pretty sure is a Greek myth in its own right, as he killed his own mother … it’s been a little while since that time. I read those arcs, but we dove deep into Thanos’ story …

Ryan Firpo : She [sa mère] rejected it.

Matthew Firpo : Yeah, he was born of an Eternal and grew up as a Deviant and he’s kind of split between the two […]. But I think for the sake of the story as a movie, we really decided to tell this storyline. [celle des Eternels], and maybe when we get out into the cosmos, you could … I mean, we literally meet Thanos’ brother at the end of the movie, and I think there’s room for Eros – well, Harry [Styles] – to have a discussion about this subject.

I think Starfox / Eros is largely responsible for why Thanos is like this, and what he did. All jokes aside, having that perfect brother who can make anyone fall in love with him? It does something to you. I hope we will see a little more of it in issue 2. “

Marvel : comicsA’Lars, with his two sons, Eros and Thanos.

Behind Starfox’s charisma, there is a heavy family history which should leave prejudices when first meeting other heroes who experienced Thanos’ madness. As Matthew Firpo says, Eros is perfect next to his brother. It has the power to influence the pleasure, and the emotions, of people in addition to not having the air of a big guy aubergine colored since he does not have the genes of a Deviant like Thanos. For the Titan, the comparison with his brother who can be loved by all could play a role in its switch to destructive madness, in addition to having a mother who wanted to kill him at birth, feeling that her child had a link with Death.

Now that Eros is in the MCU, we shouldn’t escape his take on his brother, and that he tells us about his shared history with Thanos. The purple colossus could therefore come back through flashbacks : will we have Baby Thanos? Pimply Thanos? Or Thanos in his punk rebel era against society? While there is something to be exploited by digging deeper into the psyche of this charismatic villain, one can also fear the opposite effect. Wanting to say too much can break the myth and the stories viewers imagined, like exactly Disney is doing with Star Wars. You have to know how to stop the story at the right time before distorting it.

Avengers : Infinity War : PhotoThe black sheep of the siblings

For the moment, no film The Eternals 2 has not been made official, and no news on the gang’s future in Sersi, Makkari, and Druig in the MCU. Por what is Eros, it is therefore even more vague. With Marvel continuing to lay avenues for new stories with each new project, it’s hard to know when will the Eternals and Eros join what remains of the Avengers? And for what reasons would they meet?

Currently, the MCU is venturing into several different frames. Black Knight seems on his way to teaming up with Blade as the Vampire Hunter assembles his own team. For its part, the Multiverse will continue to be explored in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. On Disney +, Marvel looks like it wants to install a more obscure MCU with Marvel’s Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night Halloween Special. Will all these paths lead to Kang, or the brand new Thanos?

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