Thalía transforms into María Mercedes and cleans the windows on facades

Thalía transforms into María Mercedes and cleans the windows on facades. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

With a fun and modern twist, the Mexican singer, Thalia, brought back one of the most famous characters he ever played on television, Maria mercedes, from the telenovela of the same name, broadcast in 1993, through a TikTok video, in which the interpreter of Mexican love it was transformed into its most modern version, cleaning glass on facades.

With her characteristic sense of humor, the pretty singer from I do not remember and I’m in love, Thalia, she took out her skills as a glass cleaner and prepared to leave the windows of her truck “squeaky clean”, in which her husband, the music mogul, was inside, Tommy Mottola.

The 50-year-old singer and actress did not hesitate to share the video on her TikTok account, in which she accumulates more than 9.4 million followers who daily amuse themselves with her madness and occurrences, as she is a fairly active user in the social networks.

The video shows Thalia wearing a charming pastel pink pants with yellow of the same intensity, as well as a cap and super large glasses, and two pieces of paper in his hand and an atomizer with which he sprayed the glasses and prepared to carve them until they were totally clean.

From the inside, her husband cheered for her, while Thalía to the rhythm of Baila Así, a song she recorded together with Becky G and Chiquis Rivera, for her new album DesAMORfosis, which has made her admirers dance. In the video, the sister of Laura Zapata paid tribute to his character Maria mercedes, who in the plot was also dedicated to cleaning glass.

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“And that the Meche comes out,” he wrote, while in the publication he added “Bailaaaa! this song always makes me dance ”.

The publication on TikTok has already reached more than 24,700 likes, while on Instagram it has already reached 88,000 likes and endless comments laughing out loud at its occurrences. And it is that, without a doubt, see Thalia She is always good on social media, because she is not afraid to be herself and show herself to the world with her crazy and funny moments, as in this case.

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“The Meche came off. My family never knows what mom will do. There are always surprises with me, ”she confirmed to the surprise of her husband and children.

“So beautiful with that humility makes you great”, “Maria mercedes to serve you”, “I love you, nothing changes”, “Thank you for spreading your joy, nice day”, “I don’t know the children, but Tommy does know” , “You need one dressed in meche eeehhh, a dream”, “I love too much! no one else knows what to expect from you, since you are full of creativity and surprises that are incredible in everyone’s eyes ”, were some of the comments they dedicated to him.

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