Testimonial | How can I ever say thank you to them?

On October 7, my mother passed away surrounded by kindness, professional care, delicacy and gentleness, in a peaceful environment where an extraordinary team of professionals took care of her until the very end. My mother died in a public CHSLD, precisely at CHSLD Champlain, in Brossard, which comes under the CISSS de la Montérégie-Center.

She had been admitted there almost three years ago, following a stroke which had caused certain cognitive and physical losses. Throughout her stay, my mother had the privilege of being able to count on a team that cared about her quality of life and proved it to her every day. There were Diane and Marie-Pierre, not “guardian angels”, a term overused over the past two years, but two exceptional attendants! Endowed with a feeling, multiple skills, a know-how and a know-how, hard-working women and so on! I know because we have seen it. My sister Véronique and I were present at least three times a week, so we could see and hear! If we had questions, we had answers, if we had requests, there were solutions.

What could be more reassuring for a family than knowing that their loved one is not just one of many residents, but that they are known and that their needs are met.

There was also Marie-Ève, a high-quality specialized nurse practitioner, an occasional teacher to explain to us how our mother’s state of health was evolving. Without forgetting Véronique and Sadia, two nurses who, on a daily basis, knew how to take care of my mother with an altruistic and comforting approach. And Maria, Stéphane, Mario, Myrna and Jultra, Valérie and so many others! Everyone helped to make our mother’s last visit peaceful and serene.

Of course, there was this damn pandemic! Yes, my mother contracted COVID-19 and yes, as her condition was precarious, this virus weakened her further. But this team continued to take care of patients with the same kindness and kept this CHSLD at arm’s length because residents were really their priority. Often, in different circles, we have read or heard “the user at the heart of the priorities” or “the resident at the heart of the priorities” without really believing it, because it was an empty message.

We were lucky that our mother was welcomed into an environment where she was THE priority.

But we knew that one day the end of my mother’s life course was coming. We had to make decisions and move on to the stage of end-of-life support. Once again, everyone has been there to support us in these difficult times. I still remember the kind words of Diane and Marie-Pierre, of Maria too, who in addition to watching over my mother, also took care of me. All these gestures, all these words, all this interpersonal skills have been invaluable to me, because it is thanks to them and to them that my mourning will be imbued with serenity.

I have never left the CHSLD Champlain worried. No, that’s wrong, there is only one time I left him worried and it was October 7, 2021, after emptying our mother’s room. When I turned around in the hall, I was worried because I asked myself: “How can I ever say thank you?” ”

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