Ten years after the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia and "infamous behavior"

The captain of the Italian Navy Gregorio De Falco, coordinator of the relief efforts on the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia, which it cost 32 people’s lives Ten years ago today in front of the island of Giglio (center), he assures that everyone could have been saved and that what happened was only due to “the infamous behavior” of the commander, Francesco Schettino.

“It was not a boating accident. It was all due to one person’s infamous behavior.”, affirms to EFE De Falco on what happened on the night of January 13, 2012, when a maneuver still incomprehensible today For the mother of a crew member to see the ship from the island, it caused the impact with a stumbling block on the cruise ship in which 4,229 people were traveling.

De Falco became the “hero” of that night when he took command of rescue operations and after a phone call was leaked in which, after check that Schettino had left the ship while there were still hundreds of people on board trying to save himself, he said: “Get back on board, damn it!”

“Alessandro Tossi, the officer in charge of the radio at the Livorno Harbor Master’s Office, told me: ‘Look, captain, they’re kidding us on the ship …’“.

“I was saying this because we had received a call from a person whose mother was on board and had told that they had had a blackout on the ship and they had made them put on their life jackets, but we did not think that the objects fell. That was because the boat was listing, but from the cruise they insisted that it was just an electrical problem, “he explains.

De Falco points out that “it became known only after that from the first minutes after the impact, at 9:50 p.m., the command on board knew perfectly well that the ship had to be abandoned and one of the machinists had assured, as is heard in a recording, that they were sinking. The general alarm should have been raised and an orderly proceeding to save the passengers should have been given.“.

“If it had been done like this, since the ship in those conditions remained long enough without leaning too much, All the lifeboats could have been used, on the port and starboard sides, and all lives would have been saved“, the now senator assures Efe.

Confess that when he learned that Schettino had jumped ship it was a “tremendous disappointment” because “the commander on board was our interlocutor in these cases” and “there was no one there.”

The captain would have, for example, been able to give the order to fill the rescue boats with more people despite the fact that it was not allowed and prevent people like Giuseppe Girolamo, 30, the drummer of the ship’s musical band, died after leaving his post to a mother with her young daughter.

De Falco explains that he was tried to call on several occasions and that only after 12:00 at night did he respond to ensure that he was directing operations from a boat. “It was later learned that he had been on the island of Giglio for a long time”, the Mint.

After the wreck, Schettino said he had “fallen” into a lifeboat to explain his absence from the wrecked cruise ship. (Photo: EFE)

Although some officers responsible for the tragedy have not gone to jail, receiving sentences of less than three years and the only one who is in prison with a penalty of 16 years in prison is Schettino, the senator assures that the whole truth came out in the process and that it is one of the few Italian tragedies about which “there are no mysteries.”

To De Falco, the death of these 32 people, including two Peruvians and a Spaniard, “was not a boating accident, but an infamous behavior, totally unrepeatable “by Schettino, an act that involved” the betrayal of his own position, that of captain, out of fear, interests … “.

He confesses that in these years he has always thought about “if something else could have been done”, although he believes that everything possible was done and that even the reports that reached the United States Senate on whether they were prepared for an accident of this type ensured that the rescue coordination was “flawless”.

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