Ten points are unsuitable for bathing on the coast of Paraná

The waters of the artificial beaches of the North and West of the State, with collection and analysis of the water quality, remain suitable for bathing and practicing sports. On the coast of Paraná, nine points are indicated as inappropriate, and contact with water in these places should be avoided. The data are from the 4th Bathing Bulletin of the State of Paraná released this Friday (14) by the Instituto Água e Terra (IAT).

Artificial beaches on the North and West coasts of the State maintain waters with good conditions for swimming and sports. Photo: Ari Dias/AEN/PR

The agency also flags ten locations on the coast with the mouths of rivers that reach the sea as unsuitable, totaling 76 points indicated.

The water located on the bridge of Avenida Principal do Balneário Olho d’Água, in Pontal do Paraná, went from inappropriate at last to proper this week. Each monitored point has a flag that indicates the appropriate or inappropriate places for bathing.

The monitoring of the IAT has been carried out for over 30 years during the summer season, the period of greatest flow of vacationers. This season, 11 bulletins will be released until the week of the Carnival holiday. The laboratory analysis is carried out in accordance with what is recommended by Conama Resolution No. 274/2000, in which bathing areas are classified as proper or unsuitable.

The first indicates that it is safe to do primary contact activities, such as swimming and diving, for example, and the second classification indicates that there is a greater probability that this contact can cause a risk to human health, such as otitis, gastroenteritis, dermatitis, between others.

Laboratory analysis evaluates the concentration of Escherichia coli bacteria (E.coli), present in clandestine sewage and human and warm-blooded animal feces.

The greater the amount of bacteria in the water, the greater the possibility of the existence of pathogenic agents that can endanger the health of bathers. The most common diseases are gastroenteritis, diarrhea, skin diseases and eye, ear and throat infections. Other more serious diseases can also be transmitted through water, such as hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid fever.

inappropriate locations

In addition to the ten mouths indicated in the Bathing Bulletin, the following are unsuitable: Praia Caieiras (to the left of Rua Frederico Nascimento) and Praia Guaratuba (to the left of Rua Ponta Grossa), both in Guaratuba; at Praia Brava Caiobá (at Rua Alvorada and Rua Jacareinho), at Praia Central de Matinhos (on the left of the Morro) and at Balneário Flamingo (on the left of the Rio Matinhos), Praia Brava de Matinhos (at the London street); on Encantadas beach on Ilha do Mel (in front of the police module and to the right of the warehouse); and at Ponta da Pita in Antonina/Morretes. The Bathing Bulletins are updated on Fridays on the website www.iat.pr.gov.br, in the “Monitoring” and Bathing” tabs. It is also possible to download the APP called “Balneabilidade Estado do Paraná” and access information from the cell phone.

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