Temuco court confirmed 14-year sentence against Paola Alvarado’s murderer

The Temuco Court of Appeals confirmed the sentence of 14 years and a day in prison imposed on Erwin Aedo as the author of the murder of Paola Alvarado Cortez, murdered in the rural sector of Curacautín.

The subject, 30 years old, confessed to having killed the woman after they made an appointment at a farm located on the Tolhuaca-Curacautín route, in 2018.

The court of appeal did not give rise to the appeal for annulment presented by the defense of the convicted person, who assures that, after beating the victim, he threw her into the Dillo River. The place has been tracked repeatedly, but to this day Paola’s body has not been found.

“This transcendental and relevant ruling constitutes a legal precedent in our criminal procedural field,” reacted the prosecutor Iván Isla.

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