Temperature in Mar del Plata, Argentina, hits record: 41.9º C

Argentina has been facing a heat wave whose temperatures are breaking records in several cities in the country. In the resort town of Mar del Plata, temperatures reached 41.9°C on Friday, the highest since 1957, when thermometers registered 41.6°C.

The rush of bathers to the beaches caused the prices of products sold by street vendors to skyrocket. A simple popsicle cost R$ 1.38 thousand.

It hasn’t rained in the city for 10 days. SMC meteorologist Cindy Fernández told Clarin newspaper that the average temperature in January in the resort town is usually between 15°C and 26°C. usual parameters”, he emphasizes.

In Playa Varese, tourists and residents competed for space in the sea. On the sand, bathers, sitting on chairs and mats, held water bottles. In containers and thermal bags, many carried cold drinks, to cool off.

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On Thursday, with 13°C above the January high, as in Varese, in Playa Grande it was very difficult to find shaded spaces.

“We don’t have anything else, neither a tent nor an umbrella,” a street vendor told Clarin.
Parasol for BRL 24.83 thousand

On the public beach in the same area, vendors walked on the hot sand with umbrellas to sell at exorbitant prices, ranging from US$2,500 (R$13,800) to US$4,500 (R$24,830). Even the rental of umbrellas was increased, with prices reaching US$ 1,500 (R$ 8,28 thousand).

Street vendors even accepted bank transfers, for those who hadn’t calculated an expense like this and didn’t have enough money.

With the strong winds that began to blow in the early afternoon, hats sold for US$ 600 (R$ 3.31 thousand) or US$ 700 (R$ 3.86 thousand) were flying everywhere.

Drinks and ice cream vendors barely noticed the movement this Friday.

Even with the high prices, tourists buffeted by the heat were vying for the products.

To give you an idea, a simple lemon, strawberry, orange or chocolate popsicle with cream came to cost US$ 250 (R$ 1.38 thousand). forest fires

On Thursday, 27 fires were recorded in Mar del Plata, most of them wildfires of varying intensity, spread across different areas of General Pueyrredon.

The biggest outbreaks occurred in the Autódromo neighborhood and in the area of ​​the Chapadmalal Station. The first took place at the end of Avenida Vértiz in a shed, where firefighters fought for a few hours the flames that spread through a junkyard and several houses in vulnerable conditions located in the area. In addition, ten people had to be evacuated due to smoke inhalation.

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