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The ‘influencers’ Most prominent within Kwai receive money for the number of views their content has, something that has interested many content creators around the country and has also allowed them to dedicate themselves professionally to this.

To continue promoting content creation and also to increasingly professionalize creators, In addition to including small and large producers in the dynamics of social networks, Kwai is now launching TeleKwai, a section that offers episodes of 40 to 80 seconds where you can relive the classic episodes of soap operas or even enjoy miniseries within the app . Of course, preserving the vertical characteristic of the videos. In this link, an example.

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This section, which has been operating in Colombia for several weeks, has more than 500 creators in the country who generate 50 million daily reproductions.

Gustavo Vargas, Director of Communications and Public Relations of Kwai for Latin America.

Gustavo Vargas, Director of Communications and Public Relations of Kwai for Latin America.

Bottom line: what is TeleKwai?

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It is not the typical social network where everyday stories are shared. Behind it is a well-specialized content production. That is why this initiative is focused on small and large producers that have vertical content capacity, which is the present and the future.

It is also aimed at content creators who see great career-building and monetization opportunities on our platform.

Is this step taken to continue professionalizing content creation in Colombia?

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This is going to compete with long-term productions (television, cinema, streaming, etc.). We’re going from 60-minute movies and series to 60-second miniseries. There is a challenge there but that is also where the future of entertainment lies.

It won’t be easy, but we know from our experience in China that it works. The level of talent in Colombia is impressive.

Media and other entertainment industry players are starting to bet on these short video platforms like Kwai. Can the biggest entertainment companies today, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, get fully involved in making videos (series and movies) in vertical format?

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We are sure that with the work and the approach to the content creators and the production companies we will continue to make a difference.

We have some strengths that are streaming platforms they do not have and that will surely help us to continue conquering land: our platform was naturally born there. We have earned ground.

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