Ted Lasso: much more complex than you think

* This article is likely to contain spoilers for those who have not yet seen the second season of Ted Lasso.

Apple TV + phenomenon Ted Lasso has already premiered his first two seasons on the streaming platform.

The end of the second cycle left his followers happy and confirmed that the series is one of the most successful released by the service, which has bet more on the quality than on the quantity of its productions.

The ending also showed us that the character played by Jeison Sudeikis is much more complex and dark than is believed.

The nice coach

The beginning of the series shows us that Lasso is a chronic optimist who is capable of bringing out the best in each of the members of his team.

Ted Lasso during an AFC Richmond training session. Apple TV+

This can impact some people, who are more used to dealing with another type of coach, with a more pragmatic character.

At first, the coach seems like a light-hearted character, with a carefree attitude towards his surroundings. However, as the episodes progress, her figure begins to turn a little darker.

This happens when he receives the divorce papers from his wife and suffers a panic attack. In this way, what may seem isolated, is dealt with more deeply in the second season.

This is compounded by the arrival of a therapist, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, who helps AFC Richmond players cope with the stress problems associated with sports competition.

The appearance of the professional is also used by Ted Lasso to face his own demons and deal with the things that trigger his panic attacks.

However, at the beginning he is opposed to his clients being part of the therapies. This changes in episode seven of the second cycle, when he suffers a new nervous breakdown during a match.

The picture shows a scene from the Ted Lasso series.
Dr. Sharon Fieldstone and Ted Lasso in therapy. Apple TV+

Due to this event, Lasso decides to turn to Dr. Fieldstone and confess an event that can explain his way of being: at the age of 16 he witnessed how his father took his own life.

Thus, in its second season, the series becomes much more realistic. The appearance of the therapist and the fact of addressing mental health in such a serious way in a fiction production is something that has been highlighted by two professionals in this article by Inverse.

The second cycle of the series shows us a different image of Ted Lasso, revealing a much more complex and fragile character compared to the first season. It also serves to demolish the idea that this Apple production is about football. Ted Lasso is much more than that and the complexity that the series adopts in its last season is a sample of that.

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