Your cell phone as an all-rounder: 9 everyday objects that it can replace

tape measure: Newer iPhones (from model 6s) can scan the environment and measure objects. To do this, the device is held on the object to be measured, as when taking a photograph, and then the start and end points of the measurement are defined manually. Several measurements are possible – such as the height and width of a plant or special shapes such as the square and rectangle of a picture frame. Competitor Google, for example, has the “AirMeasure” app.

game console: The performance of modern chips and fast internet also make mobile phones interesting for game manufacturers. The A14 chip used in the iPhone 12 is said to be faster than three gigahertz (GHz). For comparison: The portable console Switch from Nintendo clocks at only about one GHz when playing. That means: If you want to play on the go, you can do that with a new smartphone. If you subscribe to a platform like Steam, you can play thousands of games with fast internet access.

Dictionary: Just put a fish in your ear and suddenly understand all languages? It’s not as easy as in the cult novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. However, the technology is already so advanced that visitors abroad can leave the dictionary at home. If you use Google’s free “Translator” app (Android and iOS), you can use the camera function to translate the menu live, for example. According to the manufacturer, this should be possible with 94 languages ​​currently available.

Remote control: The smartphone can even replace the TV remote control. This usually happens via the home WLAN, which has to be connected to the television and mobile phone. This means that the TV must be a more up-to-date device that is internet-capable. Almost every manufacturer offers a solution. At Samsung, for example, this app is called “Smartthings” and can control compatible devices – from tumble dryers to TVs. There are also universal remote controls as an app – such as “SURE Universal Remote” for Android and iOS.

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