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After two pre-patches, in an effort to set the stage for this expansion, Blizzard has revealed the final details of Dragonflight, which will be added via an update ahead of release. This details some of the content, including the new region, the Dragon Islands, the drake mounts or the increase in the maximum level, which goes to 70, as was to be expected. The new dungeons are also included in this update.

You can find the patch notes of this update, for the release of Dragonflight, below, in order to know everything. You can also check out pre-patch 1 and pre-patch 2.


New level cap

  • Reach unparalleled heights as you explore the Dragon Islands and earn new talents up to level 70.

Discover the Dragon Islands

Explore the Dragon Isles through four new Dragon Aspect-themed areas: the shores of Awakening, bubbling with elemental power, the vast plains of Ohn’ahra, the icy peaks of the Azure Span, not to mention the spiers and the majestic temples of Thaldraszus.

Take flight on the back of a dragon

Dragonriding is an all-new form of skill-based aerial movement that allows players to ride their very own drake to cleave the skies of the Dragon Isles. Players will be able to customize their drake as they progress through the expansion by unlocking new appearance options and abilities that will allow them to fly farther and faster.

Discover the major factions

Dragonflight introduces a whole new progression system through major factions. Earn reputation to unlock renown ranks and rewards by assisting the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles.

Eight new dungeons

Four new dungeons allowing you to gain experience and four maximum level dungeons await you in the Dragon Islands. Whether you’re looking for loot, a new challenge, or want to learn more about this ancient land, you’ll need to muster your courage and your companions to face the trials ahead.

Leveling Dungeons:

  • Pools of Ruby Essence
  • Hollow Fougerobes
  • Nokhud’s Offensive
  • Halls of Infusion

Max level dungeons:

  • Neltharus
  • The Azure Vault
  • Uldaman: Tyr’s Legacy
  • Algeth’ar Academy

Raid: The Vault of Incarnations

Venture into the ancient prison of the Primordial Incarnations before their evil power endangers the Dragon Aspects.

Raid Release Dates:

  • Week of December 12: Vault of Incarnations will open on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty during each region’s weekly maintenance.
  • Week of December 19: Opening of wing 1 of the Vault of Incarnations in Raid Finder mode.
  • Week of January 2: Opening of wing 2 of the Vault of Incarnations in Raid Finder mode.
  • Week of January 16: Opening of wing 3 of the Vault of Incarnations in Raid Finder mode.


Start crafting on the Dragon Islands and offer your services to the rest of the kingdom. Unlock different specializations for your profession, then find rare ingredients to create ever more extraordinary items.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Off-Instance Raids and Bosses shadowlands have returned to their previous difficulty level and are no longer fateful. The Fateful Raid quests, rewards and achievements, and the 3 Mysterious Oribo Vendors are no longer available.
  • The following content will be available after the weekly reset starting November 29:
    • Mythical Dungeons
    • Reinforced Dragonsbane Chest from Dragonsbane Dungeon Siege (Epic Quality)
    • Loot from the Great Hunt (unusual, rare, and epic qualities)
    • Weekly Quest “Tribal Feast”
    • Weekly Quests “Help the Concordat”
    • Weekly Quest “Sacred Temper”
    • Weekly Valdrakken Profession Quests
    • Weekly PvP Quests Granting Honor
      • Dev Comment: We want players to be able to level up at their own pace without feeling like they’re missing out on a whole week of rewards if they can’t reach level 70 within hours of the game. extension output.

Items and Rewards

  • The drop rate of Sylvanas Windrunner and Jailer mounts has been significantly reduced (was 100%), and you will only get one mount (instead of two).
  • The great vault of shadowlands has been closed and no longer provides rewards for completing activities in Shadowlands.

Pet Battles

  • A new quest line has been added to familiarize new players with the pet battle system.

WoW Companion App

  • Players can view maps and expeditions.
  • Players can view major faction rewards and progress.
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