Windows 10 should also be able to do this: A small tool makes Explorer a whole lot better

Windows Explorer offers different views better suited for different tasks. With “Extra Large Icons”, for example, image collections can be viewed quickly without the photo preview, while the “Details” view offers more options for file management. However, it is often a matter of taste which mode users prefer to work with.

However, Windows partly decides automatically which view and columns are shown for folders with photos, videos or music files. If you want to prevent this, you can do this with the small script WinSetView – with this you determine system-wide which view and which columns should be visible in all folders.

The developer regularly improves the tool. The tool is now also available in German, which makes it much easier to set up. With Version 2.10 it is now also possible to enter a pixel value for the column widths in Windows Explorer. In the following we explain the most important functions of the tool.

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