Will The Cycle be released on consoles (PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series and Switch)?

Finally arrived at the beginning of this month of June 2022, on PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store, The Cycle: Frontier, of its full name, has attracted the curiosity of many players, especially with its PvPvE aspect, which is increasingly popular with the community. Since its launch, part of the community has wondered if The Cycle will be released on consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Will The Cycle be released on consoles (PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series and Switch)?

At the time of this writing, YAGER, the development studio, explained that they have scheduled to release the game on consoles ” later “. In any case, this is what we can read on the official website, in the FAQs dedicated to shooting games.

However, there is no indication of what this “later” means and when The Cycle: Frontier will come to consoles, and even less which platforms are concerned. The title may only be coming to PlayStation or Xbox and one of the platforms may be ruled out. There is also a good chance that the Nintendo Switch will not be affected by this port, at least for the moment.

The developers should tell us a bit more about it in a while, once the PC version is perfectly stable. Anyway, unless The Cycle: Frontier see its number of players melt considerably, the shooter and survival game should land on consoles.

While waiting to learn more about this port, which should delight part of the community, remember that The Cycle: Frontier ris available on PC, free-to-play, on PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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