WhatsApp today: how to highlight messages, italicize and cross out words in chats

Through simple steps, WhatsApp allows us to use different text formats such as bold, italics and strikethrough when sending messages

By iProfessional

09/23/2022 – 07:20 a.m.

Beyond the updates and new tools that WhatsApp frequently includes, there are some resources and tricks of the chat system that are available from the beginning, but that not everyone knows about. This is the case of the possibilities to modify the text using bold, italics and other resources.

The process varies in each of the forms, but it is simple in all and with some techniques it is possible to do it.

In the case of a text with bold font to highlight a word or phrase, it is only necessary to add an asterisk in front of the message and another at the end. In this way, the fragment that you want to highlight should be as follows: * Text *, when you put send the asterisks will not be seen and the phrase will appear in bold.

For the text, or part of it, to be seen in italics, the process is exactly the same but with the use of another character. Instead of using the asterisk, in this case it will be the underscore. With that in mind, to add this format the message should look like this: _text_.

Whatsapp also allows you to cross out words

Lastly, for cross out words also repeats the formula. What you want to cross out must go between the waves called tildes. So, this is how it should look: ~text~. It should be noted that in all cases it is not necessary for the full text to have these special formats, but they can be added in a fragment of a message and the rest can be read normally.

As an additional option, WhatsApp also offers the possibility of write Monospaced, a format that affects the spacing between characters in text. For this, you have to put three inverted quotes before and another three after the message, which before sending should look like this: “`text“`.

Whatsapp is incorporating different options to change the text.

Whatsapp is incorporating different options to change the text.

The process is done in the same way, but with the special characters attached to the message fragment and not at the beginning and end of it. It is also important to remember not to leave spaces between characters and words, otherwise the trick will not work and no formatting will be applied.

For those who can’t remember the special characters needed, the messaging service also allows you to manually change the format. Once you have written the message to which you want to apply bold, italics, strikethrough or monospace, you only have to select it and there will be options to do so on both Android and iOS.

Avatars in the application

A few months ago, it became known that WhatsApp was working on the arrival of avatars in the application. There was not much more information about it, but this has changed, since information has been published that shows what these will look like and, in addition, the functions that can be carried out with them within the most used app in the world in what it has to do with messaging.

The truth is that offering this possibility is an excellent idea, because it will allow users to create a virtual image of their appearance and use it in different sections of the application. Therefore, it is surely something that many end up using to be different and modern.

The point is that the company owned by Meta has in mind that the avatars are in many more places than you might think at first, which indicates the importance that this new option will have for WhatsApp (and, let’s not forget, the Metaverse is vital to its parent company).

The fact is that the creation process will be carried out in the application itself, and there will be quite a few options for users to choose from, looking for the result to be as close to them as possible… or just the opposite. Everything aims to be quite simple and, at the same time, effective.

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