What is each of the function keys for in Excel

Due to their versatility when working, they are very useful for users because they allow them to move quickly

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06/16/2022 – 11:31 a.m.

The vast majority of people are unaware of the usefulness of the function buttons on the computer. Within each program, they have a different function that allows them to carry out the tasks and projects faster. Also, sometimes functions are only available on these keys.

Therefore, we will show what they are for and what they offer. function buttons in excelsince due to their versatility when working, they are very useful.


The function buttons in Excel, due to their versatility when working, are very useful

Utility of function keys

F1. It is used to open the help window of the program.

F2. Used to activate active cell editing. If the cell contains a formula, it shows us the cells that are involved in that formula.

F3. If pressed, the “Paste Name” dialog box appears. This is useful when you have multiple named ranges or constants in your spreadsheet and it’s hard to remember them. To use the function, click on the name and select “OK” to insert the name into the cell or formula.

F4. This is one of the most useful and most used functions, and depending on what is selected it has two different commands. One of them is to repeat the last action performed, but if it is pressed while a cell with a formula is highlighted, it will give options of possible absolute, relative, mixed references, so there is no need to insert the $ sign.

F5. This button offers the “Go To” function. You can also use the “Special” section, which selects any number of specific cells, whether they have formulas, are blank or are visible.


They have a different function that allows tasks and projects to be carried out more quickly

F6. In a spreadsheet that has been split, F6 includes the split panes when toggling between the panes and the ribbon area.

F7. Pressing this button brings up the “Spelling” box.

F8. This key activates or deactivates the extended mode, that is, selecting a range of cells using the keyboard. In extended mode, “Extended Selection” appears in the status line and pressing the arrow keys extends the selection.

F9. This function calculates the results of a cell with formulas. It is a very useful function when we have long formulas and we want to know intermediate values.

F10. Shows shortcuts to move around the ribbon. When pressing the key, initials appear accompanying the different options of the tape, these initials accompanied by the ALT key execute the corresponding option.

F11. This button allows you to insert a graph on a separate sheet from the data of a range. It is necessary to be positioned within the range that you want to represent on the graph.

F12. If pressed, the “Save As” box will appear.

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