Watch out! Chrome extension steals Roblox account data

Suspect of being the creator of the extension would have already had the account suspended

Tool widely used to help users while browsing websites, Google Chrome extensions were being used to steal data and items from Roblox players. Called SearchBox, it was pointed out by the BleepingComputer website for containing Malware that could invade and steal user data.

One of the two extensions identified as having malicious code had more than 200,000 downloads on the Google Web Store. This points to the popularity of the tool and how it may have caused harm to users. These codes were responsible for sending all hacked content to the same domain.

As a result, they were able to steal all of the game’s login data and allow the extension makers to obtain tradable items on Roblox. However, BleepingComputer revealed that it is not possible to know if Malware was added to the application by the creator himself or if he was the target of some vulnerability to add the code.

Suspect would have had game account suspended

Rumors published by the site reveal that the author of the extensions is being seen as one of those responsible for the file infection. The portal claimed that members of the Roblox community noticed that a user known as Unstoppablelucent is seen as the creator of the app. Coincidentally or not, they pointed out that he had the items in the accounts duplicated very quickly. According to information from some Roblox users, his account is already suspended.

To further increase the attention of Google Chrome users, it is important to mention that this is not the first time that a SearchBox has been used to steal user data. In June of this year, another application that had the same name was removed from the company’s extensions market. This is because files were found that threatened the security of users.

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