Vampire Survivors gets update 1.1.0 with new stage and character

poncle also added a new item mechanic and fixed several game bugs

Although developer poncle has finally released version 1.0 of Vampire Survivors, this does not mean that the game will stop receiving unpublished content. This Thursday (24), the game will receive its update 1.1.0which promises to bring some new features that guarantee greater variety to the adventure.

According to the developer, its “Tiny Update” will bring the new scenario Tiny Bridge, which places the controlled character in the middle of two armies that war against each other🇧🇷 Additionally, players will gain the chance to unlock the “Secret Hero” Scorej-Oniwhose unlocking conditions have not yet been clarified.

To top it off, Vampire Survivors gets a new powerup item and two new unlockable achievements. poncle also promises that the game will gain “minor improvements”which include bug fixes, updates to the pause menu, and reductions in match load times.

Vampire Survivors gets sealed item system

Among the novelties prepared by the game’s developers is a new mechanic to seal access to equipment🇧🇷 Costing 10,000 coins, the option has 10 ranks of power and can be accessed by banishing 10 or more items during a single game session, affecting gear gained from leveling up or from light sources.

As explained by Poncle, a sealed piece of equipment will be banned from use in the next game session🇧🇷 However, he will not be completely removed from the list of available loot in Vampire Survivors — at times when he should appear, the player will get a gold coin as an alternative reward.

While poncle had promised that it would start working on a new project with the departure of the game from Early Access, it looks like she’s not quite ready to do that just yet. Known for the variety of challenges and addictive gameplay, the game has versions for PRAÇA🇧🇷 macOS🇧🇷 Xbox one and Xbox Series X|S🇧🇷

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