Use your cell phone correctly: How often you should restart your smartphone

Some do it, some don’t: restart the smartphone at regular intervals. but does the restart really do anything?

One There is no general recommendation for this case. However, even if there are no problems, it cannot harm your cell phone switched off completely at regular intervals and then boot up again.

This leads to the so-called soft reset and the operating system will shut down completely. All running programs are closed, WLAN and SIM connections are set and the working memory is cleaned. Some bugs or other complications with the functionality can be fixed with it.

This allows you to completely close apps that are running in the background, eating up battery and slowing down your phone’s performance.

Nevertheless, the phone does not necessarily have to run faster after the restart. Because many apps are restarted as soon as the smartphone boots up, because they are authorized to run in the background.

This is also often necessary, especially when users want to stay up to date on events such as news or the weather.

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