Ualá offers jobs with salaries of $270,400: apply today with these requirements

Ualá published job offers in Argentina. The searches are aimed at professionals in the IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal sectors

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08/06/2022 – 11:11 a.m.

Ualá is looking for people to incorporate into its staff. The financial management company published on its official website all the vacant jobs for different areas.

Searches are aimed at IT industry professionals, Commercialization, Marketing, Finance, Legal, among others. There are also jobs for people without a university degree, but with experience in similar positions

The company joins others that are looking for talent in Argentina, such as Arcor, Supermayorista Vital, or Techint, which will incorporate 450 young professionals and recent graduates.

Required positions are NET Developer, Functional Technical Analyst; Backend Architect; Credit business leader; Project leader; Legal Manager; and Brand Coordinator.

.NET Developer

Requirements: Experience applying standardization of development practices; Knowledge of C# (NetCore); Experience with API Rest; Experience in microservice-oriented architectures; Knowledge of Amazon Web Services; Knowledge of PostgreSQL; Knowledge of React AND Knowledge of Nodejs

functional technical analyst

Requirements: At least 3 years of experience in the means of payment industry, specifically in the acquiring business; Knowledge in Database and analysis of relational models; Experience in data analysis, reconciliation of information on financial products and services, and ensuring quality of accounting processes; Experience in agile work modality.

They are looking for workers for Ualá.

They are looking for workers for Ualá.

Backend Architect

Requirements: 5+ years of experience developing in Java or some other backend language; Have knowledge in Amazon Web Services stack technologies, Docker, Terraform, Cloud Computing, relational / non-relational databases, among others; Solid experience in design and development of high performance and scalable microservices; Experience working as a Software Architect or Technical Lead.

Credit business leader

Requirements: University degree in Marketing, Marketing, Business Administration or related careers; More than 3 years of experience in sales teams or commercial activation, in financial institutions or sales call centers; Experience managing teams of commercial enablers and sales; Knowledge of financial products (credit cards, loans, etc.); Proactive attitude for the identification and assembly of proposals for improvements aimed at improving activation; Business vocation and excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills; Analytical and management capacity; Self-management and results orientation; Interpersonal skills and teamwork.

project leader

Requirements: University Graduate in related careers, Business Administration, IT; Verifiable experience of 3 to 4 years in a similar position (desirable); Experience in financial companies (desirable); Excellent oral and written communication skills; Ability to solve problems from their evaluation to the selection of solutions; Ability to identify alternatives and make contingency plans; Potential to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, under pressure; Efficiency to handle multiple projects and assignments; Advanced level of oral and written English; Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project tools.

Legal Manager

Requirements: Lawyer graduated, with 5 to 10 years of corporate experience, ideally in the financial or Fintech sector, preferably with experience in first-rate law firms and experiences abroad; Experience in M&A transactions and international capital markets; Ability to find and implement creative solutions that fit within regulatory frameworks; Ability to lead complex processes and transactions, with multiple participants; Experience managing work teams and leadership skills.

Brand Coordinator

Requirements: University graduate. Marketing, Advertising, Business Administration and the like; Postgraduate studies or master’s degrees will be valued; Minimum experience of 4 years in the marketing area; Experience in managing large offline campaigns and in-depth knowledge of online campaign strategies; Self-management, results orientation and interpersonal skills; Ability to quickly adapt to change; Being proactive and curious, eager to learn all the time; Advanced oral and written English.

Salaries in Ualá

According to the specialized employment portal Glassdoor, a Project Leader can reach $366,000 per month.

They offer salaries of more than $260,000 in Ualá.

They offer salaries of more than $260,000 in Ualá.

Meanwhile, a Backend Developer, since it is also vacant, reaches $270,408 per month and a QA Engineer, $240,055.

How to send CV to Ualá

To see all the jobs available in Ualá and apply, you must:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Select the position you want to apply for.
  • 3. Complete the application form and send it.

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