TSMC plans to start production of 2nm chips in 2025

Apple and Intel may be the first to use 2nm chips

During TSMC’s 2022 Technology Symposium, the company detailed its plans for chip development. The Taiwanese manufacturer will introduce 3nm chips by the end of 2022. 2nm lithography will be introduced to the world by 2025, and apparently companies like Intel and Apple will be the first to use 2nm chips.

The release forecast for 2nm chips was previously indicated as 2026. That is, TSMC announced that it plans to launch the products a year earlier than expected. The 2nm wafers will offer chips with 10% to 15% performance increasewith a 25% to 30% reduction in energy consumption, compared to the same frequency and number of transistors on a 3nm chip.

The image above shows how the 2nm chip should present a 15% increase in performance and a 25% reduction in consumption compared to the N3E, one of TSMC’s 3nm lithographic chips.

During the symposium, TSCM also showed the family of 3nm nodes, which should arrive in 2022, and will consist of 5 different models: the N3, N3E (Enhanced), N3P (Performance Enhanced), N3S (Density Enhanced) chips and the top-of-the-line model N3X (Ultra High Performance).

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Apple and Intel will be the first to use 2nm chips

While Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp hopes to start mass-producing 2nm nodules, it already has a list of customers ready to use the format. Reports indicate that both Intel and Apple are already planning to take advantage of the technology. and should start orders soon.

Apple being one of the companies on the front line to take advantage of TSMC’s new technologies is no surprise, after all in recent years Apple has emerged as one of the major contributors to TSMC’s orders. Now Intel can intensify the partnership with the Taiwanese manufacturer through SoCs (System on Chips), in addition to applications aimed at solutions for the server and data center market.

Firms like DigiTimes and UDN, point out that Intel is expected to become one of TSMC’s main customers in the coming years. It’s still too early to know how Apple and Intel will use the 2-nanometer chips, but until their launch, companies have plenty of time to plan the best way to apply them in their products.


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Source: gsmarena, Digitimes

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