The right grill, the right accessories: This is how the grilled meat succeeds optimally

Fish on the grill may be new territory for some. If you follow the tricks below, you don’t have to be a sailor to conjure up real delicacies.

In contrast to meat, fish needs to be well chilled just before the grill fire. High-fat fish such as salmon, trout or sea bream are particularly suitable. They are characterized by firm flesh and do not disintegrate as quickly on the grill as other conspecifics. If you decide to use a “sensitive” sea dweller, you can pack it in well-oiled aluminum foil and add wine, fish stock, herbs, vegetables or garlic as you like. These give off their aromas to the fish when it is hot and, unlike marinades, do not require any exposure time.

If you opt for a homemade marinade, you can enhance the taste with spices and herbs such as parsley, rosemary, thyme, pepper, chili, dill, garlic, fresh fennel or fruity lemon. To do this, cut the fish on both sides at a distance of one to three centimeters. You can put sprigs of herbs, lemon slices or garlic cloves in the belly of the fish and massage the spices into the incisions from the outside. Rarely turned and cooked over a gentle heat, the fish are a real treat for the palate.

There are now high-quality marinades and spice mixtures for fish dishes too. The fish spice preparation for roasting and grilling from Schuhbeck, consisting of sea salt, garlic, ginger, turmeric, chili and other herbs and spices, convinces with its versatility and is included in the price just under 13 euros per 500 g spice mixture. The fish should soak in the marinade for at least three hours.

The skin should generally (at least for grilling) remain on the fish or fillet. This protects against excessive heat, ensures juicy fish meat and gives the fish the necessary firmness so that it does not fall apart so easily on the grill.

Tip 5: Fish roasters make life easier for whole fish. Four pieces in a set cost at Amazon just 21 euros and in contrast to aluminum foil or aluminum trays, you can reuse the metal roasters and thus protect the environment.

Those who prefer grilled shrimp should try the Add double skewers (view on Amazon). Double-shaped stainless steel skewers allow easy turning and cooking of grilled food. The skewers are suitable for a wide variety of grilled food – almost a must for every grill master.

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