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Developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K Games, The Quarry is available on most gaming platforms. This new horrific and narrative adventure offers players the role of nine monitors, having to survive a full moon night. It can be relatively difficult to keep all the characters alive. However, certain elements in play can help you, including tarot cards. So in this guide, we explain the usefulness and operation of tarot cards on The Quarry.

The Quarry Tarot Cards

Some useful information

Before explaining theFunctioning and usefulness of tarot cards on The Quarryit is better to give you some details beforehand.

As in The Dark Pictures Anthology opuses, players will be able to meet a character outside of the chapters. On The Quarryit’s not about the famous Curator, played by Pip Torrens, but aboutEliza, a fortune teller. The latter has its own narrative background, which is revealed as the chapters progress. Just like the Curator, it can be of great help to you.

Finally, know that through the different chapters of The Quarryyou could find 22 tarot cards, in total. Besides, one of the software’s trophies/achievements asks you to collect them all.

The usefulness of Tarot cards on The Quarry

Retrieve tarot cardson The Quarry, that’s good, but what are they for? At the end of each chapter, players will have the right to a short sequence with Eliza. As we previously mentioned, Eliza is a fortune teller. She is able to read the future via tarot cards.

Thus, by collecting said cards, it will be possible to have a preview of the future of The Quarry characters. This will allow you to anticipate certain actions and prepare ahead of time. Remember, however, that it is absolutely not mandatory and you have the choice between accepting Eliza’s help or not. However, be aware that the fortune teller will only read one card at a time. Therefore, even if you have collected several during the same chapter, you will have to choose a card among all those collected.

The Quarry - Tarot Cards
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