The only white Ferrari Enzo in the world is for sale

Have you always dreamed of having a Ferrari Enzo in your garage? A very special copy will soon be on sale at RM Sotheby’s. This is the only copy produced with the “Bianco Avus” shade, a copy ordered by a Swiss customer in the early 2000s.

If crossing paths with a Ferrari Enzo has already become something of a rarity today, finding one for sale in a never-before-seen color is a small event.

Ferrari Enzo Bianco Avus

First registered in 2003 in Germany, this special white Enzo has chassis number 133023 and was certified in 2012 by the Ferrari Classiche department. Equipped with a few specific options, it has a leather and fabric interior with carbon fiber monocoque seats, red colored instrumentation and a digital dashboard.

What sets it apart, and certainly drives up its price over other usually red Enzos, is its color: Ferrari’s famous “Bianco Avus”. This is a historic shade, chosen from some of the Prancing Horse’s finest masterpieces from the 1960s.

Ferrari Enzo Bianco Avus

This iconic Ferrari is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 developing 651 hp. The model presented today has just under 10,000 km and has just been serviced. The car is currently on the Hong Kong side.

After a first life in a small Swiss town, where it was often exhibited in the shop of the first buyer, this Ferrari Enzo changed hands twice, to finally land in Hong Kong and join a famous collection. Now, the car is back on the market and it should undoubtedly attract the greed of some collectors.

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