The King of Fighters XV welcomes the Awakened Orochi team in August

SNK also brought the definitive version of KOF 98 to the PlayStation

SNK announced last Tuesday (21) the arrival of another team of fighters for The King of Fighters XV. Part of the game’s Team Pass 2, the Awakened Orochi team brings well-known characters in even more powerful versionsthanks to the activation of the blood of the Orochi god they carry.

The team is made up of Orochi Shermie, Orochi Yashiro and Orochi Chris, who gain new blows with their transformations. The team is an old acquaintance of the fans of The King of Fighters 97where they appeared as the great adversaries who conspired to revive the god capable of destroying the whole world.

Next to the beginning, SNK released a new teaser showing some of the fighters’ characteristics. The new team should be added to the roster of The King of Fighters in august this yearbut a specific date for that to happen has yet to be revealed — Team Pass 2 also promises at least one additional team in the future.

13 DLC characters will arrive in 2022

The developer promises that a total of 13 new fighters will come to the fighting game in 2022. The number takes into account the new team Awakened Orochi and the teams Garou. South Town and rough, one of the greatest villains in fighting game history (the last three already available). Therefore, the initial cast of 39 characters should jump to a total of 52 fighters until the end of 2022.

SNK also confirmed the Arrival of The King of Fighter` 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition in digital and physical versions for PlayStation 4. The new version of the classic features several gameplay tweaks and the new Ultimate Mode, Challenge Mode and Practice Mode — however, the main novelty is the inclusion of the popular netcode rollback systemwhich ensures more responsive and enjoyable online games.

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With more than 64 characters available, the game can now be purchased at PlayStation Network at the suggested price of BRL 74.50 — the content is also available on Steamwhere the updated version costs BRL 27.99. Already The King of Fighters XV versions are already available for PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S and PRAÇAhaving been officially launched on February 17 this year.


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Source: Press Office/SNK

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