The dabloons: the new imaginary economy of TikTok led by a cat

The cats are the kings of memes on social networks and now a new creation has generated a new fictitious digital currency that has gone viral on TikTok: it is the dabloon.

According to the English newspaper The Guardian, this dabloon “is a collaborative and loosely structured role-playing game where users collect the fictional currency “dabloons”, based on the 16th century Spanish coin known as “doubloon”, and exchange it for imaginary items. , such as soup, weapons or a giant horse-headed shark.

You earn dabloons simply by finding a video that gives you some. You will then eventually come across other videos, most featuring an image of a cat that will greet you with the phrase “hello traveler” which will then proceed to show you its inventory of items that you can purchase for a set number of dabloons.”

According to the website «Know Your Meme», The origins of the dabloon trend can be traced to two images, shared by the catz.jpeg Instagram account, of cat’s paws, with the simple caption “four dabloons” below.

In October 2022, the phrase “But it will cost you 4 dabloons” became a popular punchline on TikTok and by the end of November this had become a total craze, with thousands of accounts posting dabloon content and videos using the hashtag “ #dabloons” collectively gaining nearly 500 million views, as of November 25.

However, not everything is hunky-dory for the “doubloons”, since the same users on social networks warn about the hyper-inflation of dabloons, which is leading the system to ruin.

The Verge further complements that this phenomenon lies in that “these videos and image slideshows have dominated the feeds of anyone caught up in the DabloonTok algorithm and are represented within the comments section of each video, as users graciously pay a fictional currency to eat fictional food, stay in a fictional bed, and admit defeat when fictionally attacked by fictional bandits.”

The site further adds that, “a completely organic and semi-functional virtual economy was created when people began to keep track of their available purchases and finances.”through spreadsheets and notebooks. Two nights ago I saw numerous breaking news bulletins» with feline correspondents reporting on the plummeting value of dabloons, naming and shaming the accounts of users who “give away” irresponsible sums of the fictitious currency. Councils were formed to regulate the market, and now secret capitalist rebellions are forming against Dabloon to overthrow the system. And all of this happened in the span of just three days.”

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