Surprising winner: The best rice at ÖKO-TEST

Rice is one of the healthiest foods due to its extremely low fat content. The complex carbohydrates also ensure that you stay full longer. Eating rice can also help you lose weight. However, not every rice is recommended, as ÖKO-TEST found out. The experts have in the Edition 7/2020 tested a total of 21 packs of rice. These include seven products each of the natural, basmati and long grain varieties.

In the case of brown rice, none of the seven products scores “good” or “very good”, they are all “satisfactory” or worse. The reason for the bad rating are the critical substances that have been found in the rice. In addition to arsenic, mineral oil and cadmium, the laboratory also detects pesticide residues in many cases.

The experts also find increased traces of these pollutants in some basmati rice and long-grain rice. Nevertheless, these two types generally perform better than natural rice. When it comes to basmati rice, two products are rated “very good” and three others are “good”. A basmati rice fails the test with the rating “insufficient”. There are also two test winners for long-grain rice. Two products score “good”. The rest here is satisfactory or sufficient.

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