Strong smartphones up to 500 euros: top devices from the test laboratory

High-end smartphones can fascinate, because they show what is currently possible. 4K or even 8K recordings, camera modules with three or more lenses and a performance that regularly breaks records. The only point is: are you willing to spend 1,000 euros or more for such a smartphone? Especially since, with a bit of luck, the device is still worth half as much after around two years – and the software may already be outdated because the manufacturer no longer distributes updates. In addition, the performance of the high-end smartphones is not exhausted in everyday use.

Smartphones up to 500 euros are still relatively expensive, but you have to be practical here, in contrast to even cheaper smartphone classes no more compromises: The performance of the 500-euro smartphone is top, the cameras take excellent photos and there is nothing to complain about with the battery and display either.

We will therefore show you in the following list the 10 best tested by our laboratory Smartphones up to 500 euros sorted by rating.

If you are looking for further product recommendations as well as general tips and information on buying a smartphone, you should take a look at our extensive purchase advice. You will also find our product finder below the smartphone list.

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