Sony expands servers in Brazil and prepares streaming on PS Plus for 2023

A much-requested feature by fans may finally make its debut in the country

While Sony’s game streaming systems never made their debut back in the days when they were known as PlayStation Now, this tends to change with the debut of the new PlayStation Plus. Information obtained exclusively by The Enemy website shows that the japanese company is already working on expanding its servers that serve the country as a way to complement its services.

If the company’s plans go as expected, this should allow it to start offering cloud gaming from 2023. Anonymous sources consulted by the site did not provide a specific date for this to happen, but the company’s plans appear to follow suit. same trend seen in regions such as Japan, Singapore and some European countries.

The investment should allow Sony to officially debut the plan in Brazil PlayStation Plus Premiumwhich guarantees access to PlayStation 3 games via streaming. This option is currently sold by the name Deluxe and does not offer titles via the cloud, although it does bring access to a selected catalog from the PlayStation, Playstation 2 and PSP per download.

Novelty would bring more competition to Microsoft

The debut of the game via streaming in Brazil allowed Sony to compete more evenly with Microsoftwhich has been offering the game for a few months via xCloud for subscribers of Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox owner continues to invest heavily in this area, and promises to soon have cloud access to all games purchased by consumers — even those that are not on their subscription service.

Although since the debut of PlayStation Now the Japanese company has received requests from fans for it to bring the service to the country, it never seemed to be part of your plans. However, it seems that she has changed her posture, in a moment when she sees a increasing importance on ongoing services and games.

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Asked by The Enemy, Sony has stated that it does not officially comment on rumors circulating about its business.. It remains to wait for an official statement or more information to find out what their future plans are for Brazil and when gaming via streaming via PlayStation will become a reality here.


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Source: The Enemy

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