Sony believes it’s impossible to compete with Call of Duty, as Battlefield proves

With the potential acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, many questions have arisen, and still arise, in particular because Microsoft would become the greatest video game power, with many licenses, including Call of Duty. If it has been assured, on several occasions and mainly by Phil Spencer, that an exclusivity is not possible for the moment, it may very well happen in a few years, and Sony is aware of it. This is why the Japanese company is trying to make it clear that an Activision Blizzard takeover is not necessarily fair and loyal..

In a report provided to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Sony argued that this acquisition would seriously harm the video game industry, creating a monopoly. Call of Duty is obviously taken as an example, given that it is the most popular FPS franchise, boasting millions of players around the world. And Sony explains that, even if it has the capabilities to create a competitor, it would cost ” billions of dollars and would take years without, however, guaranteeing success. “ The example of Battlefield shows that any such effort would more than likely be doomed. », and the latest figures largely prove it.

While Call of Duty multiplies millions of players and achievements (as evidenced by Modern Warfare 2) although some episodes are below expectations, Electronic Arts and DICE are multiplying the setbacks, with a disappointing Battlefield V at launch, which has however improved over time, and a Battlefield 2042 which has not won over the community and is struggling to raise the bar..

Anyway, this takeover will still be talked about and the Call of Duty license could be decisive for the final decision. Microsoft has also said that the FPS will not become a Microsoft exclusive, at least for the first few years, which still gives Sony some time to prepare for the loss of one of its headliners.

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