Secret plumber trick: Simple home remedy unclogs any clogged drain

If the drain is clogged, this is usually a sign that hair and other dirt particles are in the pipes and are no longer flushed. This collects even more dirt until the drain is finally sealed and no more water runs out in the bathroom or kitchen.

To get this free again, you can find numerous means in the drugstore or supermarket. In most cases, however, the pipe cleaners contain aggressive chemicals that are not only bad for the seals and pipes in the long run, but are also expensive and harmful to health and the environment. Instead we recommend household washing-up liquid to use. In the following we explain what you should pay attention to.

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Clogged drain? This trick helps

You can also clear a clogged drain with normal washing-up liquid.

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The following trick is often used by plumbers and is a cheap alternative to harsh drain cleaners from the household department.

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Pour half a bottle of household washing-up liquid straight down the drain.
  2. Insert the sink plug into the drain or adjust the plug so that no more water runs into the drain for the time being.
  3. Now fill the sink with hot water.
  4. Loosen the plug to allow all of the hot water to flow down the drain. but Danger: Be careful with the hot water and use a fork or other utensil to remove the plug for your safety.

Important: Once you drain the water, the drain will not be clear right away. Normally, it takes a few minutes for the blockage to clear and drain.

The dish soap method is a common and simple trick among plumbers to quickly unclog a drain. Also the comments under one YouTube video are correspondingly positive.

If you don’t see any improvement after several hours, you should definitely call a plumber. He will advise you and be able to help you accordingly.

To prevent clogging in the future, we recommend using a drain strainer. This will prevent hair and other debris from going down the drain in the first place. You can find suitable products, for example, at Online retailer Amazon.

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