Recognizing and counting birds: Exciting hands-on activity for animal lovers

From the May 13-15, 2022 the native birds will again be counted in gardens and parks throughout Germany. The Nature Conservation Union (Nabu), as the organizer of the annual scientific hands-on campaign, is hoping for lively participation in the “Hour of Garden Birds” from Friday to Sunday and for new insights into how the native bird world is doing.

“The more reports we receive, the better we can get a picture of the situation,” said Rica Münchberger, Nabu’s country manager. The data can then be reported by telephone, on the Internet or with the official Nabu app.

“This means that everyone can help to enable a detailed snapshot of the bird life in our towns and villages,” explained Nabu Federal Managing Director Leif Miller.

Hour of the garden birds: everyone can count.

Photo: NABU

According to her, the easiest way to observe the birds is at bird feeders, dumpling dispensers in the garden and on the balcony. Those wishing to participate should observe the birds for an hour and record the highest number of birds of each species seen at one time over the course of an hour.

The sightings could be reported online by May 23rd. The toll-free number 0800-1157-115 is available for telephone reports. Even if few birds can be seen, this is important information for the researchers – so it’s not about finding as many birds as possible.

Information about the campaign:

  • last year more than 140,000 people took part
  • it has been reported from over 95,000 gardens and parks
  • over 3.1 million birds were counted
  • Data are evaluated scientifically

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