Phasmophobia shows shop rework and new map blueprint – Phasmophobia

Since its launch, and despite certain calmer periods, Phasmophobia continues to grow. In addition to adding content, whether entities, evidence or even special items, such as cursed objects, many points are improved. Recently, it is the truck that has undergone a minor facelift, which will be followed in the coming weeks by the store. Flagship element of the game, since this is where we buy the objects, the shop had not evolved since the release, in September 2020. In fact, Kinetic Games has been working on this aspect and has just shared a preview of it.

The good news is that a long-awaited feature is also provided, with the “Loadouts”, allowing us to save the stuff we want to buy and add. A significant time saver. On the shop side, we have the right to a new layout, clearer, with the image of each object. Everything seems more intuitive and no doubt the community will be delighted with these changes.

Regarding the new map, we have known for some time that it is the Asylum revamp. Now called Sunny Meadows, the map will offer us a revamped play space and with a “ number of rooms has been significantly reduced compared to the current asylum “. Kinetic Games, however, claims that the playing field will be large enough for teams to get lost in. A map outline was also shared.

sunny meadows
We don’t know yet when this update will be released on Phasmophobia, but we should see it land soon enough. In the meantime, we remind you that the horror game remains available on Steam, for the sum of €11.99.

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