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Pay anywhere without a smartphone: this ring on your finger replaces a credit card

How would it be if we could pay anytime – no matter where we are? How about if we didn’t have to take a wallet, smartphone or other electronics with us?

The Cologne provider Pagopace has the solution for this: It is a ring.

  • Always there
  • Doesn’t take up space
  • is waterproof
  • is just as good as a credit card
  • works everywhere, where we can already pay contactless today
  • and all without a smartphone nearby

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping, on the beach or on a bike tour: the ring is always on your finger and is therefore immediately ready for use.

Because the Pago ring contains a chip of the kind that is hidden in your bank card. And it can be linked to a credit card number.
This credit card is virtual and part of the VIMPay app, which you can easily control using your mobile phone. You can also see your current balance there, because you can only spend the money that you have previously loaded by bank transfer or direct debit.
You must set up this credit card before you order the ring so that Pagpopace’s chip can be programmed accordingly.

You can find out everything else and where and how to order the ring in the video. There we also explain why paying with the Ring is really safe.

Have you heard enough and want a ring like this right away? Then you’re in luck, because the PAGO ring is available this week in our shopping deal with a 20 euro discount for only 69 euros instead of the usual 89 euros.

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