Oxenfree’s creative studio is now owned by Netflix

Netflix continues on its way to enter the world of video games. In addition to the recently released virtual reality title for Oculus, it acquired Night School Studio, creators of the hit Oxenfree.

The platform streaming mentions that the reason for deciding to acquire Night School Studio is that the interest of the studio is precisely to increase the level of how stories are told in video games. Which, to a certain extent, is aligned with the idea of ​​Netflix and its original productions: to present and tell new stories.

At Night School Studio they say that their goal is to expand what they have done so far and that is why this new partnership with Netflix is ​​good for them, especially since the platform supports diversity in its productions. Likewise, the studio has experience in games associated with television franchises, since they previously developed an application for Mr. Robot.

Now, what is known about Netflix’s plan regarding its video games is that these will be focused on mobiles, mainly. Oxenfree and Afterparty, Two of the games produced by Night School Studio have reached not only mobile phones but also consoles and PCs, so if Netflix wanted to make the leap to other platforms, Night School Studio has some experience with it.

This new acquisition will not change plans for Oxenfree II, title developed by Night School Studio and expected in 2022 for consoles and PC.

Although what will come in the future is still a mystery, for now one thing is clear: the games that are part of the Netflix membership will not have to be bought nor will they have ads, contrary to what happens in the mobile world.

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