Our illustration of the new Mercedes-Benz CLE!

Take the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class, remove their rear doors, mix them up and you’ll get the KEY. You may have noticed that the new-generation C-Class doesn’t exist as a coupe or a convertible. This will also be the case for the next E-Class, and for good reason, the manufacturer with the star wants to clean up its range and simplify its offer.

The Mercedes-Benz CLE therefore replaces four different models, and according to our information, it will exist as well in coupé as in convertible. Our photographers have already crossed his path, and it is thanks to their photos that we managed to imagine the design of this Mercedes-Benz CLE. We have illustrated the convertible version, which at first glance looks like the new Mercedes-AMG SL.

Mercedes CLE Convertible by Motor1.com
Mercedes CLE Convertible by Motor1.com

In reality, the CLE has a shorter bonnet and completely different lights. It doesn’t look like a GT like Mercedes-AMG’s sports car. You will also notice that its shield is slightly different, but it does not look like that of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class in its AMG Line finish.

At the beginning of the month we published the photos of the Mercedes-AMG CLE 63. As mentioned in this article, and unlike the Mercedes-AMG SL, the CLE 63 will not have the right to the V8 engine. Just like the future Mercedes-AMG C 63, it will have to make do with a four-cylinder hybrid engine that should not be underestimated, however, since its power will be greater than 500 hp.

The dimensions of the CLE would be between those of Class C (4.75 meters) and Class E (4.92 meters). The coupé-cabriolet should therefore measure 4.83 meters, which corresponds to the length of the current E-Class coupé. The new model of the brand with the star will be placed between the CLA and CLS, no “Gran Coupé” version like BMW with its 4 Series is planned. Just like the new SL, the convertible should have a canvas top. The presentation of the CLE could take place towards the end of the year before being marketed next year.

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