One of the most dangerous animals in Germany: protect yourself with this app

In ZeckTag you will also find further information and a list of typical symptoms of the most dangerous diseases that can be transmitted via ticks. Above all, Lyme disease should be mentioned here, a bacterial disease that causes ring-shaped reddening of the skin as the first symptom.

The tick myths that the app wants to clear up are also very interesting. Did you know that ticks don’t bite, they sting? And they don’t fall from trees either, rather they are on blades of grass or bushes and then stick to the body or clothing as you pass them.

According to the app, it is also a myth that ticks are best removed with oil. You should refrain from using glue, nail polish remover and the like, as this can suffocate the tick and secrete toxins into the bloodstream in its agony. It is better to pull the tick slowly and straight out of the skin.

So if you like to be outdoors in spring, you should take a look at the tick guide ZeckTag. The useful tips about arachnids and the risk score can help you get through the tick season safely and healthily.

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