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City jerseys

The season of heat waves and crowded municipal swimming pools is approaching. Some will want to sunbathe and dip in their most becoming bikini. Others will combine business with pleasure and will also take advantage of the swimming lane to move around a bit. Jerseys designed or made in Quebec that are suitable for both sport and pose are not legion. But some companies here are trying to promote the category.

This is the case of Poolside, for example, a pandemic project that we have already told you about.

Some might find the base model a bit low-cut/low-cut for high-intensity workouts, but this one-piece, made from OEKO-TEX certified polyester, is undeniably as attractive as it is versatile, with its super-low cut back. We like that the straps are adjustable, to wear the swimsuit tight in the water, but more relaxed on the towel. New models for the swimming pool should see the light of day in the fall, but for the moment, we are content with the classic in black, blue or Baywatch red!

For an unbeatable outfit, swimsuits from the Active division of June Swimwear have proven themselves. The Nova model, which will soon be available on the company’s website and in the province’s Sports Experts, is very modest from the front, with its high neckline, but its crossed straps in a very open back really give it the mouth. It’s not far from perfect as a swimsuit! The discreet ones will opt for black or “zenith” green, but flash pink (or Paparazzi) is our favourite. For swimming, the brand also offers the Michael model, its classic, as well as the Jenna two-piece.

Although they are not made specifically for swimming, some models from the Othersea and Selfish brands may be suitable for pool lengths. Selfish’s Beatrice bikini top, for example, has a sporty fit. The Caravelle from Othersea will certainly not be suitable for tall swimmers, but its fastening in the back will prevent the straps from slipping.


The trend of twinning, which consists of dressing your children like us, does not seem to run out of steam. In Quebec alone, several designers have produced mini versions of certain pieces from their collections. This is the case with Essentials, which offers a large number of options, Eliza Faulkner with her Angelica dress – as adorable for mom as for baby – and even swimwear brands Nana the Brand and Segsea.

summer elk

Best known for their high-end winter coats with a prominent metallic logo on the shoulder, the Moose Knuckles brand also makes clothing for warm weather. The Spring-Summer 2022 capsule collection includes a very simple tank dress, but with a cord that allows you to adjust the length. T-shirts are worn large and shorts have a relaxed fit. Looking forward to a sporty and comfortable summer!

Nemrac in Saint-Lambert

Designer Carmen Popescu, from the Quebec label Nemrac, has just opened her first boutique-workshop in Saint-Lambert. The space is inhabited by the brand’s collections, but will also host collaborations with local labels such as Alice and Simone, Louve, Manik Fashion, Manteaux Desloups, Mercedes Morin and This Ilk. The designer will also be able to design personalized creations on site for her clients with specific requests. Nemrac’s most recent pieces, some of which are very colorful, take the landscapes of Chile as their starting point. “Loaded by the aura of distant Patagonian romance, I was inspired by a range of shades reflecting glaciers plunging into emerald lakes, Andean peaks rising into the clouds and swirling mist like a work of art. watercolor painting in sky and deciduous forests. The country’s art and colorful buildings are also part of this watercolor,” says Ms.me Popescu, in his press release.

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