Lego offers for Black Friday: blocks instead of spills

No other toy is as popular with adults and children as Lego. Whether you’re looking for a set for yourself, the little ones, or just a gift: Am Black Friday 2022 brings the market leader among the terminal blocks some offers at the start. Officially it works action from 25 to 28 November 2022 – finds it in Cyber ​​Monday their peak. However, the best bargains could already be sold out by then, which is why you should act quickly if you find an exciting deal.

Lego did not reveal much in advance. So the size of the discounts remained a secret until the starting signal, but the action will depend on the introduction of the greatest Lego sets of all time accompanied: Den eiffel tower with approximately 10,000 parts and 1.5 meters Height. However, the price of 629.99 euros is anything but low. Irrespective of this, hardcore fans can look forward to up to four free gifts that came with their online purchase. In professional circles, by the way, this is called “GWP” – Gift witch Purchase. VIP members can also dust off exclusive bonuses.

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