It’s becoming increasingly rare: That’s why some mailboxes have a red dot

The mailboxes with the red sticker are Mailboxes the German Post.

In addition to being delivered directly to post offices, franked letters from Deutsche Post can also be dropped into additional post boxes, which are regularly emptied by the post office. Letters are picked up from some mailboxes every working day, from others only weekly. The exact emptying days and times can usually be found on a sign on the mailbox, as well as the round red sticker.

This means namely that the mailbox every day, including public holidays and Sundays is emptied. Daily collections can be particularly important for senders who want to send letters as quickly as possible or with a fixed arrival date.

Over time, however, Deutsche Post has successively increased the number of mailboxes with a red dot reduced. Therefore, fewer and fewer of these Sunday mailboxes can be found. In order to find out which mailboxes are also emptied on Sundays, you don’t have to laboriously search through all the mailboxes in the area. About the Deutsche Post website you can click on “Filter” to tick “Mailboxes that are emptied on Sundays” and thus quickly get an overview of which mailboxes are also emptied on Sundays.

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