Intel Meteor Lake CPUs should have technology similar to "Neural Engine" from Apple

There would be 16 dedicated cores for visual processing acceleration

While we’re still talking about rumors and leaks about upcoming Intel Alder Lake CPUs, o youtuber Tom, do canal Moore’s Law is Dead, received information about the 14th generation Intel Core Meteor Lake. According to him, the processors of this generation will come equipped with something like Apple’s Neural Engine.

The technology of Movidius Visual Processing Units (VPU) already exists and is mainly used in smart cameras. According to the official site, “the Movidius VPU enables deep learning inference with computational efficiency and excellent performance per watt.” Below is Intel’s own description (in full) about the technology:

Intel Movidius VPUs efficiently enable vision and edge AI demanding workloads. By coupling highly parallel programmable computing with workload-specific hardware acceleration in a unique architecture that minimizes data movement, Movidius VPUs achieve a balance between energy efficiency and computing performance.

VPU technology enables smart cameras, edge servers and AI devices with deep neural networks and computer vision-based applications in areas such as visual retail, security and protection, and industrial automation.

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The MLID channel information says that the VPU must occupy the same die as the CPU is in and should arrive in 2023. Tom explains that much of the video processing that would be done by the CPU should be left to the 16 VPU clouds. These cores would use less energy for such a task than the CPU consumes.

The integrated machine learning solution would be similar to what Apple’s M1 processors already do with the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in the company’s notebooks and desktops, in addition to the latest iPhones. The nomenclature for this technology can also be NPP (Neural Network Processor) and IPU (Intelligence Processing Unit), in addition to those already mentioned.

Even though Intel already has the technology developed, this new integrated approach to Core line CPUs will give mass access to the general public, rather than being restricted to smart cameras. In May, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said Intel Meteor Lake CPUs were ready for mass manufacturing.


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