Illustrator creates dex with 151 "pokemon" based on Brazilian culture, see images

Animals, memes, food, characters and famous personalities from Brazil were honored

A Brazilian artist called illustrator, created a “pokedex” totally original with creations inspired by Brazilian culture, called “bagmon” and based on the famous “pokemon“, the list created by the illustrator includes 151 little monsters that complete the “bagdex” initial. The project name is “bagdex: Brazil day” and is making a splash on social media.

The creation was made by the Brazilian Wagner Janelli, illustratorwho carried out the work in 8 months, with a lot of scientific and cultural research to honor our Brazil based on one of the most famous games in the world.

In the list of creations we have the animals caramel dog becoming the Viramelo and the Capybara being one of bagmon initials became the caplord in its third evolution. the traditional Coffee and the fool are also present in the illustrious selection of 151 creatures, as well as tributes to famous people such as Xuxa and the castor beans assassins.

Folkloric figures and unusual characters are among the creatures made by the Brazilian artist, Loira do Banheiro banloiraO ET Bilu it became Bilu while the Etevaldoof Castle Ra Tim Bum turned into legendary Bivaldo.

Even Brazilian gambiarras were honored, as is the case with many blessingsin an artwork inspired by various T-shaped adapters, traditionally known as Benjaminlinked together.

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Check out some of the bagmon.

The illustrator explained the reason for not using any official franchise name in his project: “Of all the fan-made projects that Nintendo took down, 100% of them used something official from Nintendo to promote themselves. Whether it’s the name “Pokémon”, bases of their own games (rom’s) or even existing and copyrighted characters , that’s why there won’t be and I don’t encourage any Bagdex hackrom. We’re creating a universe free of strings with anything official. We want to expand, and that’s why we’re creating our own little things little by little.”

The publication below twitter from the beginning to the 151 Bágmon published by the artist, making it possible to see all that were created.

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You you can check out the 151 creations on the illustrator’s Twitterin addition to being able to access the Instagram it’s the TikTok to check more detailed information about the bagmon.

Wagner Janelli revealed in your twitter who is already working to bring new Bágmon to life to further extend the Bágdex and also revealed other news that is created for his project, check below what is to come.

  • We are developing an app with the Bagdex, full Bagmon descriptions and even narration!
  • We are developing a cardgame, and if all goes well, we will have the physical version;
  • I intend to release the “tazos” soon;
  • Get ready for the expansion of the Bagmon universe (HQ, maps, characters…);
  • There will be no hackrom (I don’t want a lawsuit from Aunt Nintendo) but we are thinking about developing a copyright game in the near future.”

There were people criticizing him for inserting Bagmon inspired by objects and food, which is something that Pokémon fans complain a lot, check out what he said about below.

what were your bagmon favorites created by the illustrator? Share in the comments with your opinion!

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Source: Twitter / bagillustrator

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