How much does it cost to insure a laptop and what does it cover?

Insurance companies cover both laptop theft, damage and even technical support. What must be considered

By Andres Iglesias

06/18/2022 – 08:40 a.m.

The laptop became a part indispandable in the lives of many people. Whether for work or study, laptops are an essential tool. And, since they are often used outside the home, having insurance to “protect” it can be a good option.

The prices of a notebook can vary between $60,000 and $150,000logically depending on the brandthe model and the benefits required for each user. In some retail stores, it is also possible to acquire them in up to 12 installments without interest.

Insuring a laptop costs between $780 and $1,300 a month

As there is a wide range of models and prices on computers, it is also possible to find different types of insurancewith their respective prices and coverage.

In that scenario, Insuring a notebook can cost between $780 and $1,300 per month. Different insurance companies and banks offer this service. In some cases, the stop which is covered in case of Stole it can be less than the computer and, in others, technical service is also included. It all depends, of course, on the plan you choose.

Insuring a laptop can cost between $780 and $1,300 a month

Insuring a laptop can cost between $780 and $1,300 a month

But, for example, in a plan that costs $1,300 month covers”Stole and theft” until $80,000assistance and transfer in case of theft on public roads and “telephone assistance on technology.

Another plan, which costs $1,130 per monthcovers an insured sum of up to $80,000 in the event of theft and “damage for attempted robbery”. In addition, in case of theft of the case, briefcase or backpack that protects the equipment, it covers up to $1,600.

Meanwhile, a cheaper option $780 per monthcovers the theft or accidental damage of the computer with a limit of up to $50,000. In addition, it covers accessories with a limit of $2,500. In case of theft or damage, a deductible of 20% of the total value of the claim must be paid.

Some other options offered by insurance companies in this case are:

  • A technical home visit (in the City of Buenos Aires).
  • Specialized technical team available 24 hours a day via web or telephone.
  • Advice for the purchase of accessories.
  • Coverage throughout the world, in case of inconveniences in trips abroad.

Growth in coverage demand and some “tips”

During the pandemic, demand by mobile device coverage increased exponentially: according to sectoral surveys, in some areas of the country it grew to a 40%. Many of these plans, moreover, are required by both small businesses like workers looking to secure their tools of work.

The insurance can cover both theft, damage or even technical assistance

The insurance can cover both theft, damage or even technical assistance

In addition, some stand out tips to take into account when making the complaint in case of any inconvenience:

  • The report for theft must be made within the first 72 consecutive hours after the fact.
  • In case of theft or breakage when the device is being used by children under 14 years of age, it may not be recognized by the insurer.
  • It is necessary to update, with some constancy, the value of the computer or the devices used.

However, in case of using the laptop as a work tool and -above all- if it is habitually used outside the home, having insurance that covers different imponderables can be a good option. There is, for that, a wide variety of toppings Y prices and can be adjusted to every need.

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