How many hours can you get? Scientist warns of dangerous sleep limit

So how much sleep should it be per night in order not to run the risk of jeopardizing performance and health? Walker also does not deviate from the seven to nine hours that are generally considered sufficient. However, it should never be fewer than seven: Below that, the first impairments of brain and body function would already occur.

So how do I know if I’m sleep deprived? Walker asks three questions that, if answered “yes,” indicate insufficient sleep:

  • Would you otherwise go on sleeping without being woken up by the alarm clock?
  • Do you feel the need to sleep in late at the weekend?
  • Do you need caffeine in the morning to “function”?

According to Walker, alcohol, which is used by many as a sleep aid, is more harmful to sleep than beneficial: Although you fall asleep earlier, alcohol blocks the REM, i.e. the deep sleep phase. This usually results in frequent waking up and severe tiredness the next morning.

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