Hot water thanks to solar energy: solar shower, not just for wimps

In the garden or on your own “piece” a pleasant outdoor shower can feel like vacation, especially in summer – at least when the temperature is right. Solar showers are a cheap option here. The principle is simple: The shower is filled with water, for example with a garden hose – and the canister ensures the right water temperature thanks to the sun’s rays.

The “tilvex solar shower”, for example, is said to be able to heat the water up to 60 degrees and even has an integrated temperature controller. However, since the shower is very high and slim, you should ensure a secure footing and anchor the solar shower to the ground. The canister can hold 20 liters. According to the manufacturer, the shower should be made of UV-resistant plastic.

Our assessment:

The solar shower received 4.4 out of 5 stars from around 360 reviews on Amazon. Many users praise the price-performance ratio. However, there are also critical voices that complain about the processing quality. If you are looking for a cheap model to test, you will probably not do much wrong here. However, if you want a solar shower that will last for several years, you should look for higher-quality products.

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