Hardly anyone thinks about: What you must never forget when selling your car

Alternatively, the system can be reset to the factory settings. But even then, the smartphone has to be decoupled from the infotainment and logged off from your own accounts of pre-installed apps. At the end there should always be a check to see whether there is still data in the individual areas.

If you do not delete, you risk that personal data can be passed on. This can also have a negative effect on the buyer. For example, when the location of the car can be determined or, in the worst case, certain vehicle settings can be accessed.

Alternatively, do not transfer data at all

If you want to use a rental car or car sharing, you should refrain from transferring such data to the car system at all. As an alternative, “ACE Steering Wheel” recommends using connection solutions such as Android Auto or Apple Carplay. For example, the hands-free system or other functions would be used via the car’s technology, but the data would remain on the cell phone.

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