Great toaster for little money: Check out the Philips HD 2581/90

Of the Philips HD 2581/90 Daily Collection comes with a slot size of 132 mm width, 122 mm height and 36 mm depth. The power cable is 87 centimeters long. With a performance of 790 watts the power consumption is in the middle range of the toaster test field. Philips provides a defrost, warm-up and of course a toast function. A bun attachment is integrated, a crumb tray makes cleaning easier.

The toast slider is smooth-running and toast slices can be easily removed. We did not notice any odors. However, it is important to note that the case heats up: it can get very warm or even really hot. The toasting result is good overall, the browning is even, even with several toasting processes in a row. A total of eight different browning levels are available. Large slices of toast in particular work very well. With 25 euros the Philips HD 2581/90 Daily Collection is a real bargain.

Our verdict at the time of testing:

“The Philips Daily Collection HD2581/90 is a great toaster with many functions and browning levels. The toast results in the test are great. Its specialty is primarily large slices of toast. The Philips has a simple plastic housing without stainless steel elements for a very reasonable price or illuminated keys. One drawback is that it gets very hot.”

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