Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest saved the PlayStation, says Shuhei Yoshida

For Sony, the two games are responsible for making its first console a success.

While history shows that the first PlayStation was a revolutionary console, which helped consolidate CD-ROMs as media and Sony as a big name in the gaming world, it didn’t happen easily🇧🇷 During a presentation at the BIG Conference, in Bilbao, executive Shuhei Yoshida stated that the console was only successful thanks to series like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest🇧🇷

According to Yoshida, who currently handles independent initiatives at Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company had great difficulties in competing with Nintendo and SEGAwhich dominated the console market in the 1990s. At the time, the PlayStation was still seen as a platform that needed to prove itself and that did not have the full trust of developers.

To change this situation, Sony reached out to Square and Enix (at the time separate companies), known for producing the greatest RPGs of the time. According to Yoshida, backstage conversations assured that the console would have new episodes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, which changed the fate of the console.

PlayStation history could be very different

🇧🇷These two RPGs are the biggest IPs in Japan. And, you know, they were talking behind the scenes about things I can’t tell you, but they were both committed to bringing their games to PlayStation. It totally changed our destiny, and we finally had the games we needed to make PlayStation successful.🇧🇷 explained Yoshida🇧🇷

Square’s partnership with Sony was quite flashy at the time, given that the Japanese developer until then maintained strong ties with Nintendo🇧🇷 The first major part of the partnership between the companies was Final Fantasy VIIa game that took the series to 3D environments and, in more recent years, led to the production of remakes and several spin-offs.

Enix, on the other hand, brought to the first PlayStation the cult Dragon Quest VII, which had a resounding success in Japan. The two franchises continue to be successful to this day, but both went cross-platform a few years agoreaching both Sony consoles and Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, in addition to the main mobile platforms on the market.

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